[Buddhism] & [Minimalism] | Day 1 Reality Summit


Some Learning Outcomes:
Learn why we should be interested in an inquiry into reality
 Understand how to touch on all of experience with an open heart

Be guided by Susan in Shamatha meditation practice

Some Learning Outcomes:
Learn how buddhism and meditation are the perfect hack to our evolutionary programming that sets us up to be dissatisfied

Appreciate meditation as a beautiful opportunity to find perspective on our emotions, rather than push them away

Hear Robert Wright’s practical understanding of enlightenment, and recognize the incremental progress that the meditative path can bring to grasping it

Some Learning Outcomes:

Understand the diference between waking up through reality versus waking up from reality

Hear what Holly has to say about what is real in the era of “fake news”

Learn what presentism is and how not to fall into its trap

Awakening Together: The Spiritual Practice of Inclusivity and Community – Larry Yang

Some Learning Outcomes:

Learn about the practice of internal and external mindfulness

Discover what Larry means when he says that “living in conflict actually creates peace”

Hear about the interactive relationship between ultimate and relative truth and why our personal identities matter

The videos and commentaries have given me greater insights to various ways to declutter the mind and heart. Namaste!

[Veganism] | Power Breakfast + Break

I took a break from social media writing for a while to focus on my life abit! It was a fantastic few weeks of self discovery (without the social media) side of things.

I did some really interesting stuff so I will take some time to share it here. Meantime, this is one of the creations I had created over the last few weeks. There was a shortage of ingredients in the fridge so I had to make do with whatever ingredients I had and just whip something out! 🙂 It was fun, I must say!

So, I made this power breakfast for a few days now. It is super filling. Imagine having this at 9am and I only started feeling slight hunger pangs at around 3pm. 🙂 However, during the last few weeks, I started having fruit bowls in the morning with a cup of hot tea. This combination seems to help keep me full for a while.


Base : Lundberg Tamari with Seaweed Organic Rice Cakes (2 pieces, broken)

Fruity Sauce : Avocado (1 fruit, de-seed), Soy yogurt (1 cup), Organic Rice Milk (1 cup), Green Kiwi (1 fruit, de-skin and sliced), Baby Spinach (a handful, rinsed) – Blend all these together.

Fruit on top : Fuji Apple (1 fruit, rinsed and sliced), Blueberries (7 berries, rinsed) – Placed them in anyway that you find appetising. I like to place mine at the sides so that I can see the food that I am eating. 

Garnish : Flaxseeds (2 tsps, sprinkle)

Drink : Hot Organic Matcha Green Tea (Not in the picture)

This took me about 15 minutes to prepare. I like to take out all the ingredients from the fridge and steep my tea in hot water before brushing my teeth. It helps to warm up the fruits a little bit. If anyone reads this and decides to try, share with me how yours went! 🙂

No detailed recipe because I like it free and easy!

[Minimalism] | Packing Party

Packing Party!

A term coined by The Minimalists, is a helpful one. I took a good 6 months trying to clear out the items that no longer bring value to me. Several bulky items were donated to a Buddhist Organisation where they’ll refurbish them and give the items to the needy community.

I recycled much items to the Recycling Bin. What’s left now are these boxes of items that I use frequently. It helps me to find my stash easily.

The way I see it, will encourage me in maintaining it. 🙂

[Buddhism] | Golden Light


Amitabha made 48 Great Vows and this was one of them :

“Provided I become a Buddha, if my light should be limited in measurement so that it could not illuminate a hundred thousand nayuta of kotis of Buddha-countries, then may I not attain the enlightenment.” (Vow 12, The Larger Sutra of Immeasurable Life)

This is probably one of the reasons why I enjoy meditating to Amitabha. When my eyes are closed and I let my body relaxed while I recite the name of Amitabha sincerely in my mind, I find myself receiving his Light. This Light, helps me to cleanse my mental and emotional clutter – allowing me to reset for the day; coming back fresher and more in tune with my heart and mind.


[Veganism] | Kiwi

I absolutely adore The Kiwi Fruit.

So, I got myself a Kiwi Kushion!


It is definitely comfortable and useful as I use it daily. I enjoy sitting on the floor so this Kushion actually keeps the butt cool over an extended period of time.


[Minimalism] | Appreciate


I find it extremely easy to get caught up with the noise in life because sometimes, I take things for granted – that I will always get to see it or it is no big of a deal because it will happen again anyway.

However, I decided to stop and just look up. Just let my eyes take in the beauty and wonders of nature. Authentic stuff right there. Not man-made.

Just pure and simple nature.

So I try to take in every single moment as it is because

nothing in life ever happens exactly the same – twice.

“Use things and love people. Because the opposite never works.” ~ The Minimalists

[Veganism] | Rice and Greens Lunch


Base: Organic Long Grain Brown Rice and Purple Rice (Rinsed)

I precook rice weekly so that I just need to warm it up.

One packet of Pea Sprouts (or Dou Miao) (Rinsed)

Two cloves of Garlic (Sliced)

Two pinches of Organic Miso Paste

One Tablespoon of Japanese Rice Wine (Mirin) – Usually I would just pour out by estimate. 

I stir fry my veggies with some Grapeseed oil over medium fire. Once the oil is warm, throw in the sliced Garlic and stir fry it till a little brown and fragrant. After which I would put in the Pea Sprouts and stir fry it until soft and aromatic. Turn off the fire and stir in the Miso Paste and Mirin.

I made myself some Organic Chai Tea with Brown Rice Milk to go along.


No detailed recipe because I like it free and easy!

[Buddhism] | Light


When I think of light or see light illuminating, I will always be reminded of Amitabha’s Immeasurable Light.

His Golden, All Encompassing Light of Ultimate Bliss.

It is genuinely comforting.

Namo Amituofo~!