[Buddhism] & [Minimalism] | Day 1 Reality Summit


Some Learning Outcomes:
Learn why we should be interested in an inquiry into reality
 Understand how to touch on all of experience with an open heart

Be guided by Susan in Shamatha meditation practice

Some Learning Outcomes:
Learn how buddhism and meditation are the perfect hack to our evolutionary programming that sets us up to be dissatisfied

Appreciate meditation as a beautiful opportunity to find perspective on our emotions, rather than push them away

Hear Robert Wright’s practical understanding of enlightenment, and recognize the incremental progress that the meditative path can bring to grasping it

Some Learning Outcomes:

Understand the diference between waking up through reality versus waking up from reality

Hear what Holly has to say about what is real in the era of “fake news”

Learn what presentism is and how not to fall into its trap

Awakening Together: The Spiritual Practice of Inclusivity and Community – Larry Yang

Some Learning Outcomes:

Learn about the practice of internal and external mindfulness

Discover what Larry means when he says that “living in conflict actually creates peace”

Hear about the interactive relationship between ultimate and relative truth and why our personal identities matter

The videos and commentaries have given me greater insights to various ways to declutter the mind and heart. Namaste!

[Minimalism] | Packing Party

Packing Party!

A term coined by The Minimalists, is a helpful one. I took a good 6 months trying to clear out the items that no longer bring value to me. Several bulky items were donated to a Buddhist Organisation where they’ll refurbish them and give the items to the needy community.

I recycled much items to the Recycling Bin. What’s left now are these boxes of items that I use frequently. It helps me to find my stash easily.

The way I see it, will encourage me in maintaining it. 🙂

[Minimalism] | Appreciate


I find it extremely easy to get caught up with the noise in life because sometimes, I take things for granted – that I will always get to see it or it is no big of a deal because it will happen again anyway.

However, I decided to stop and just look up. Just let my eyes take in the beauty and wonders of nature. Authentic stuff right there. Not man-made.

Just pure and simple nature.

So I try to take in every single moment as it is because

nothing in life ever happens exactly the same – twice.

“Use things and love people. Because the opposite never works.” ~ The Minimalists

[Minimalism] | Adaptability


You know it when you are getting a little too comfortable in what you have been doing but at the same time, you want a change but also afraid to make that change?

Actually, I feel that the fear stems from the discomfort in knowing that you need to adapt to situations. New situations.

Several thoughts start crossing the mind – What am I going to do? What if I can’t do it well? What if I fail? What if I don’t like it much and quit halfway? How am I going to survive the social stigma that comes along with it? What should I do if people start laughing at me or despise me for taking up this new journey?

So, that is a lot of deep, heavy but legit questions.

That is also when I need Simon Sinek.

Simon Sinek focuses on the “WHY” Power. I realised that when we start with WHY, every doubt seems to fall into place, answered.

For example: I want to make a shift in my career because I am in my current task for coming close to a decade.

(Why do you want to make that shift?)

That is because I want to see where else can I apply the skills that I have learnt. Basically, to bring my skills to a different level. 

Now, that’s the WHY.

But I am presented with a job that has nothing to do with what I have been doing. Moreover, I don’t have the knowledge to even start and I am afraid.

(Why did you apply?)

I applied because the Job Description looked interesting. So I thought I just try for it.

Now, that’s the WHY again.

I feel that many a times, I get so engulf by the WHAT that I lost the WHY. Many times in life, I fear. I fear the outcome of WHAT is going to happen. I did not stop and think about WHY it can happen. I focused on WHAT is important instead of WHY is important.

Let the WHY Power take over Adaptability fears. It will take a while.

Slow but steady – always .

Because why is it important?

[Minimalism] & [Buddhism] | Decisions


So, I was stuck at the supermarket shelf for a good 20 minutes because I could not decide whether to purchase Brand A Pinto Beans or Brand B Pinto Beans.

I tried Brand A before but not Brand B but Brand B is cheaper than Brand A and…

After the 20th minute, I got frustrated and worried.

Frustrated at myself for not being able to make a damn decision and worried because the supermarket was closing in 30 minutes!

It’s just freaking PINTO BEANS!

What did I do then?

Say Om Breaths~

Check the Item Production Date and Expiry Date (To me, items that have a long gap in between tend to go through more processing. That may result in the loss of nutrients. Also, a later expiry date denotes that the item is of a recent batch.)

Check the Ingredient List (This is to ensure that there is no additional chemicals.)

Check the Colour of the Item (Pinto beans should look like Pinto beans, not Kidney beans!)

Make a selection! 

Technically, that took me less than 5 minutes.

And I could move on to finish up my marketing.

 “If you can solve your problem, then what is the need of worrying? If you cannot solve it, then what is the use of worrying?” ~ Shantideva

[Minimalism] | Mindset

Minimalism, to me, is about simplicity in many aspects of life. But today, I want to focus on the most basic and most important aspect – Mindset.

Before I go there, I have my favourite Minimalism Practitioners :

Sadia Badiei of Pick Up Limes


Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus of The Minimalists


Jenny and David Mustard of The Mustards


I have toyed with the idea of Minimalism for several years but never once faced it. Why?

I couldn’t. I had too many thoughts, feelings, needs, wants, past hurts…but I need to face it at some point in my life right? Why not now?

That was when I took a solo trip to Taiwan.

“Face it. It’s now or never. Really. Because you’d never know if the next second is going to be your last breath.”

That was also when I took Minimalism by the hand and welcomed it into my cosy little core.

Because, once the mind is set to think simply – to me, which means being aware of the first thought that comes to the mind. I would let it speak. I won’t get the heart to be involved just as yet (that’s a topic for another day!). I would just let the mind have his time to make his speech.


When I allow that to happen – my mind becomes lighter, freer and calmer.

With mindful awareness and consistent practice, this becomes a natural reaction. 

Now, that‘s the start of Minimalism. 

“Sometimes the mind just need a chance to speak, so just give it what it needs and hear him out.”