[Buddhism] & [Minimalism] | Day 1 Reality Summit


Some Learning Outcomes:
Learn why we should be interested in an inquiry into reality
 Understand how to touch on all of experience with an open heart

Be guided by Susan in Shamatha meditation practice

Some Learning Outcomes:
Learn how buddhism and meditation are the perfect hack to our evolutionary programming that sets us up to be dissatisfied

Appreciate meditation as a beautiful opportunity to find perspective on our emotions, rather than push them away

Hear Robert Wright’s practical understanding of enlightenment, and recognize the incremental progress that the meditative path can bring to grasping it

Some Learning Outcomes:

Understand the diference between waking up through reality versus waking up from reality

Hear what Holly has to say about what is real in the era of “fake news”

Learn what presentism is and how not to fall into its trap

Awakening Together: The Spiritual Practice of Inclusivity and Community – Larry Yang

Some Learning Outcomes:

Learn about the practice of internal and external mindfulness

Discover what Larry means when he says that “living in conflict actually creates peace”

Hear about the interactive relationship between ultimate and relative truth and why our personal identities matter

The videos and commentaries have given me greater insights to various ways to declutter the mind and heart. Namaste!

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