[Minimalism] | Adaptability


You know it when you are getting a little too comfortable in what you have been doing but at the same time, you want a change but also afraid to make that change?

Actually, I feel that the fear stems from the discomfort in knowing that you need to adapt to situations. New situations.

Several thoughts start crossing the mind – What am I going to do? What if I can’t do it well? What if I fail? What if I don’t like it much and quit halfway? How am I going to survive the social stigma that comes along with it? What should I do if people start laughing at me or despise me for taking up this new journey?

So, that is a lot of deep, heavy but legit questions.

That is also when I need Simon Sinek.

Simon Sinek focuses on the “WHY” Power. I realised that when we start with WHY, every doubt seems to fall into place, answered.

For example: I want to make a shift in my career because I am in my current task for coming close to a decade.

(Why do you want to make that shift?)

That is because I want to see where else can I apply the skills that I have learnt. Basically, to bring my skills to a different level. 

Now, that’s the WHY.

But I am presented with a job that has nothing to do with what I have been doing. Moreover, I don’t have the knowledge to even start and I am afraid.

(Why did you apply?)

I applied because the Job Description looked interesting. So I thought I just try for it.

Now, that’s the WHY again.

I feel that many a times, I get so engulf by the WHAT that I lost the WHY. Many times in life, I fear. I fear the outcome of WHAT is going to happen. I did not stop and think about WHY it can happen. I focused on WHAT is important instead of WHY is important.

Let the WHY Power take over Adaptability fears. It will take a while.

Slow but steady – always .

Because why is it important?

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