[Buddhism] | Om Breaths



is a sacred and comforting note. Whenever I am feeling tensed, I will just hum the note in my head. What I would do is to take a deep breath and allow the ‘Om’ note be release together as I let out my breath.

I call this Om Breaths.

It takes about 3 to 4 Om Breaths for me to feel better,

another 3 to 4 Om Breaths to regulate my heart beat,

and 3 to 4 Om Breaths to get back to my natural state.

Recently, I’ve been incorporating Om Breaths whenever I become preoccupied with life. The key here is to be Mindful.


5 Replies to “[Buddhism] | Om Breaths”

  1. Chanting OM really pacify soul, it relaxes & calm mind & you feel rejuvenated. A new you again! I was just going through your blog and it took me to the memory lane about my YOGA Practice with my Guru. We have spent hours and hours meditating & chanting Prayers, Gayartri Mantras and all. Goodluck.

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