[Minimalism] | Mindset

Minimalism, to me, is about simplicity in many aspects of life. But today, I want to focus on the most basic and most important aspect – Mindset.

Before I go there, I have my favourite Minimalism Practitioners :

Sadia Badiei of Pick Up Limes


Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus of The Minimalists


Jenny and David Mustard of The Mustards


I have toyed with the idea of Minimalism for several years but never once faced it. Why?

I couldn’t. I had too many thoughts, feelings, needs, wants, past hurts…but I need to face it at some point in my life right? Why not now?

That was when I took a solo trip to Taiwan.

“Face it. It’s now or never. Really. Because you’d never know if the next second is going to be your last breath.”

That was also when I took Minimalism by the hand and welcomed it into my cosy little core.

Because, once the mind is set to think simply – to me, which means being aware of the first thought that comes to the mind. I would let it speak. I won’t get the heart to be involved just as yet (that’s a topic for another day!). I would just let the mind have his time to make his speech.


When I allow that to happen – my mind becomes lighter, freer and calmer.

With mindful awareness and consistent practice, this becomes a natural reaction. 

Now, that‘s the start of Minimalism. 

“Sometimes the mind just need a chance to speak, so just give it what it needs and hear him out.”

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